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America’s Real Job Creators are Broke | Jim Hightower via OtherWords

Despite the GOP’s ideological claptrap about corporate executives being “job creators,” it’s ordinary Americans who actually create jobs by spending from their paychecks. This is why our obtuse policymakers need to quit pampering the rich and fussing over budgets. Instead, they should launch a national, FDR-style jobs program that will immediately increase paychecks, perk up consumer spending, and generate grassroots ...

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Unconventional Wisdom | Immanuel Wallerstein, Foreign Policy

A special anniversary report challenging the world’s most dangerous thinking. Virtually everyone everywhere-economists, politicians, pundits — agrees that the world has been in some kind of economic trouble since at least 2008. And virtually everyone seems to believe that in the next few years the world will somehow “recover” from these difficulties. After all, upturns always occur after downturns. The ...

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