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Will El Salvador become another Venezuela? | RT Op-Edge

Supporters of presidential candidate Salvador Sanchez Ceren (not pictured) celebrate at the closing of voting for the run-off election in San Salvador, El Salvador on March 9, 2014 (AFP Photo / Jose Cabezas)

Inspired by the US-backed anti-government protests in Venezuela, El Salvador’s oligarchs are preparing to follow the same strategy. If the electoral results are not to its benefit, the US-backed Venezuelan opposition almost always refuses to recognize the outcome of Venezuela’s fair elections. This is now the case in El Salvador too. The oligarchs heading the country’s right-wing National Republican Party ...

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Democrats and U.S. Labor Delusional About Latin America | Counterpunch

Diatribes and Curious Silences by ALBERTO C. RUIZ The Democrats just put out their platform on Latin America, and it demonstrates only the loosest connection to reality. Thus, while praising the “vibrant democracies in countries from Mexico to Brazil and Costa Rica to Chile,” as well as “historic peaceful transfers of power in places like El Salvador and Uruguay,” the ...

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Fragile peace brings new hope for El Salvador | smh.com.au

”This is a historic moment in El Salvador,” said Alex Sanchez, a former Salvadorean gang member who directs Homies Unidos, an anti-violence program in Los Angeles. ”If we lose this moment, we lose the moment of a lifetime.’ ‘Homicides in El Salvador are down 32 per cent in the first half of this year, kidnappings have fallen 50 per cent ...

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Luis J. Rodriguez: 100 Days of Gang Peace In El Salvador | The Huffington Post

Recent headlines scream out about the vicious violence and murders linked to the Central American gang MS-13 across Long Island. The federal government claims MS-13 and their main rivals, 18th Street, are in almost every state of the union, Canada, parts of Mexico, and wrecking havoc in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. For twenty years Mara Salvatrucha-13 and 18th Street ...

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Mining Gold, Undermining Democracy | OtherWords

Robin Broad and John Cavanagh explain why a Canadian company’s lawsuit against the government of El Salvador threatens democracy everywhere By Robin Broad and John Cavanagh A tribunal in Washington, D.C. that nobody elected recently issued a verdict that potentially hinders the democratic rights of millions of people. Its three members ruled that a foreign company may continue to sue ...

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US judge paves way for deportation of notorious Salvadoran general | guardian.co.uk

A Florida judge has paved the way for the deportation of a former top Salvadoran general accused of overseeing widespread torture and murder, including the notorious killing of several Americans during the country’s civil war. The decision marks the first time a US court has determined a senior foreign military official could be deported on human rights violations since the ...

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