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Ethanol runs out of gas | Opinion, The Day

How truly amazing to see Democrats and Republicans in Congress finally doing something right by allowing the $6 billion annual tax subsidy for the corn ethanol industry to expire. Also ending is the heavy tariff that was aimed at keeping cheaper and more eco-friendly sugar-cane-based Brazilian ethanol out of the country. … Congress should instead focus reasonable subsidies on encouraging ...

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$6B tax giveaway harms people and planet

WASHINGTON – December 17 – The House of Representatives has passed a tax package that extends subsidies for dirty fuels such as corn ethanol and liquid coal. The $860 billion package also extends the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and establishes a low estate tax rate, according to a Friends of the Earth news release.   Friends of the Earth’s ...

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Congress Urged to End Multi-Billion Tax Credit for Dirty Corn Ethanol in Lame Duck Session

Friends of the Earth launched an online ad campaign today to mobilize Americans to contact their members of Congress and demand that they end a tax credit that funnels billions of taxpayer dollars to corporate corn ethanol interests. The campaign, titled “Yellow Is Not Green,” encourages the public to help “save tax dollars—and the planet” by pushing Congress to let ...

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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Confronted at Press Conference by ‘Billionaires’

Activists stage demonstration criticizing USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack’s plan to increase production of dirty ethanol and build its infrastructure with taxpayer dollars WASHINGTON, D.C. — Friends of the Earth showed up at a press conference held by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this morning to protest his newly announced support for extending federal subsidies to ethanol. Several activists, dressed as “Billionaires ...

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