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Will US Mayors Vote Against the War? Bring Our War Dollars Home | Medea Benjamin, CounterPunch

The city of Detroit stands as a mirror to the United States’ battered economy and failing wars. Our nation’s continued military exploits in Iraq and Afghanistan are fueling Detroit’s destruction. Taxpayers from Detroit shell out over two billion dollars a year for war, money that could cover healthcare for over 150,000 children or the payment of some 3,000 teachers’ salaries. ...

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Obama’s Budget Speaks to Wall Street, Ignores Voters | New Deal 2.0

Addressing long-term budget issues requires bringing US health care costs in line with those of other major countries with better records on providing adequate services to their populations. The President should have started us down that road today. He didn’t. Instead, he’s kicking off a race to the bottom with the Republicans that will will wreck America’s future and further ...

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