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A New Peace Symbol — Fighting Words | Utne Reader

Here’s an image worth posting on Facebook, putting on a t-shirt, or sticking on a bumper. “Free as a Man,” created by Serbian artist Predrag Stakic, is the winner of an online competition conducted by the Human Rights Logo Initiative, which is on a mission to make the design an internationally recognized symbol for human rights.   For more on ...

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Peace May Require Forgoing Justice | Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

It has become fashionable among proponents of international justice to argue that there is no longer a trade-off between peace and justice. But stark tradeoffs still exist. Prosecuting leaders of repressive regimes is a worthy ideal, but if the goal is protecting human rights then the first step has to be ending wartime violence -– even if this means forgoing ...

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Amnesty International Annual General Meeting and Human Rights Conference March 22-24, Washington D.C.

From March 22-24, you’re invited to do so in a major way during Amnesty International’s Annual General Meeting and Human Rights Conference. We’ll gather just minutes away from Washington, D.C. in the beautiful city of Bethesda to tackle some of most pressing human rights issues and questions facing our world today. You’ll be able to connect with leading human rights ...

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