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A New Decade | Mazin Qumsiyeh

Let us pull up our sleeves and get to work to make this decade the decade of the end of colonization, greed and racism and a decade of clarity (20/20 vision), peace, justice, equality and saving our planet from ourselves!

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Lakshmi Puri speech on Women Peace and Security | UN Women

Speech on “Justice, Security, and Women’s Leadership – UN Women’s Priorities in Combatting Violence against Women in Conflict” by Acting Head of UN Women and UN Assistant Secretary-General Lakshmi Puri, as part of a lecture series for the Liechtenstein Center for Self-Determination, Princeton University, organized by the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein and PeaceWomen. 7 June 2013, New York. For more ...

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Peace May Require Forgoing Justice | Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

It has become fashionable among proponents of international justice to argue that there is no longer a trade-off between peace and justice. But stark tradeoffs still exist. Prosecuting leaders of repressive regimes is a worthy ideal, but if the goal is protecting human rights then the first step has to be ending wartime violence -– even if this means forgoing ...

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Should bin Laden have been tried? | openDemocracy

Maybe there really was no choice. But we have lost something by not putting bin Laden on trial, and that is a particular view of what Justice is for There are apparently more disadvantages than advantages in envisaging a trial for Bin Laden. Still, the fact that the most egregious criminal of this century was killed in an attempt to ...

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