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Donald Trump and the Kurdish Question | Joseph Daher

On the statements of US President Donald Trump on the Kurdish question in Syria… “They’ve been fighting each other for centuries. Now the Kurdish people are fighting for their land””Essentialism continues from the peoples of the region who are only fighting because they are like this, born like this… and that for centuries… As a reminder, Obama tried to justify ...

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Turkey: Justice Central to Kurdish Peace Process | Human Rights Watch

Justice for the thousands of state-perpetrated killings and disappearances of Kurdish civilians in the 1990s should be an essential part of the peace process under way in Turkey, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch released a video outlining the events of that era, with family members whose loved ones were killed describing the lack of justice ever since. ...

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Turkey Renews Focus on Peace With Kurds | NYTimes.com

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — When three prominent Kurdish women activists were murdered in Paris in January, analysts worried that the killings would derail the fledgling peace talks, begun late last year. Just the opposite appears to have happened, as both sides have moved forward with more determination to end one of the region’s most intractable conflicts, which has claimed almost 40,000 ...

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Kurds in Turkey: arrests and violence threaten to radicalise a generation | guardian.co.uk

Since the beginning of the Arab uprising Turkey has been held up as a blueprint for the emerging Middle Eastern democracies to copy. But many observers question whether its treatment of its Kurdish minority gives it the right to be treated as a role model. This year more than 4,000 people have been arrested under arbitrary terrorism charges, including dozens ...

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