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Iran to unleash ‘God’s vengeance’ against potential air strike | RT

Iran has commenced a massive training exercise to protect its “nuclear centers” from potential air strikes. The deputy military chief says pre-emptive strikes will be launched if Iran feels its national interests are under threat, Reuters reports. ­The four-day drill will unite missile defense systems, radars and interceptor planes in southern Iran. For more on this story, visit: Iran to ...

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Iran to patrol US East Coast | RT

Sick of the American navy’s ongoing presence in the Persian Gulf, an official with the military of Iran announced this week that they will be sending ships over to be stationed off the coast of the United States. In other words, Iran thinks that what’s good for the goose is good for the colossal, militaristic gander. “Like the arrogant powers ...

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Pentagon Back to Tried and True PR Tactic — Greenwashing | Steve Horn

The Pentagon public relations and propaganda machine is at it again. Working overtime to convince pundits and citizens of the benevolence of its “democracy spreading” missions abroad, some notables have drank the kool-aid. In a recent article titled, “The military’s historic embrace of smart energy,” Grist’s David Roberts wrote: The U.S. military’s embrace of energy efficiency and renewable energy is ...

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