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Remember Iraq? Romney, Obama Fail To Make War Major Part Of Campaign | The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — In his major foreign policy speech on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the “costly gains made by our troops” in Iraq are now eroding due to President Barack Obama’s “abrupt withdrawal.” That was largely the extent of his comments on a war many historians consider the most disastrous in modern times and the most significant foreign ...

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Romney’s Middle East plan: ‘Hope that .. something will happen and resolve it’ | Upworthy

Mitt Romney’s plan for Israel/Palestine is literally to “hope that ultimately somehow, something will happen and resolve it.” And that’s not even the most damning line from this latest Mother Jones video leaked from a secret Romney fundraiser. Here’s the whole quote, with … emphasis added: I’m torn by two perspectives in this regard. One is the one which I’ve ...

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MJ Rosenberg: Obama or Romney: Who Loves Israel More? | The Huffington Post

by MJ Rosenberg, Political commentator … Romney can be no more “pro-Israel” than Obama because Obama simply does everything Israel asks for: from raising aid levels, to accepting Israeli settlements, to vetoing every resolution Israel wants vetoed at the United Nations, to piling Iran sanction on top of Iran sanction (while leaving the possibility of war on the table), to ...

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Romney Lauds Israeli Economy During Wave of Attempted Self-Immolations | Common Dreams

Israel/Palestine correspondent for The Real News Network, Trachansky said today: “In his address to major donors such as Woody Johnson and Sheldon Adelson (one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s largest supporters), U.S. presidential hopeful Mitt Romney misrepresented Israel’s economy and enraged Palestinian leaders by claiming that the fact that Israel’s GDP is several times larger is because of ‘culture,’ ‘the hand of ...

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Palestinian officials say Romney undermining peace process | Maan News Agency

By Jihan Abdalla RAMALLAH (Reuters) — Palestinian officials accused US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday of undermining peace prospects by calling Jerusalem “the capital of Israel”, ignoring their own claims to the city and most world opinion. Romney used the term on Sunday to sustained applause from his Israeli audience in the Holy City, during a trip to ...

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Meet the Republican Chickenhawks by Philip Giraldi | Antiwar.com

… Perhaps the most spectacular chickenhawk of all is Mitt Romney has several times declared that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon if he is president, suggesting that the other candidates are pusillanimous on the issue and implying that he alone will attack the mullahs “preventively” if such a development appears to be imminent. The willingness to start a ...

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