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Edward Snowden expected to leave Moscow, fly to Havana | GlobalPost

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contracter who leaked details of secret US surveillance programs, is expected to leave Moscow for Havana on Monday. Little over 24 hours after he arrived in the Russian capital from Hong Kong, Snowden is due to board a Cuba-bound flight departing at 2:05 PM local time, a spokesman for Russia’s Aeroflot airline told ...

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Iran was behind bomb plot against Israeli diplomats, investigators find | guardian.co.uk

Western intelligence fears price of failure for Moscow talks on Tehran’s nuclear programme could be high by Jason Burke in Delhi A multinational investigation into bomb plots targeting Israeli diplomats earlier this year has produced the clearest evidence yet that Iran was involved, illustrating the risks to the west if it fails to reach detente with Tehran over its nuclear ...

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‘Annan mission last chance for Syria to avoid bloody war’

Russia says Kofi Annan’s peace efforts could be the last chance for Syria to avoid plunging into a long-lasting, bloody civil war. The joint UN-Arab special envoy and the Russian President have held talks in Moscow, to discuss ending the violence, and to get both sides in the conflict into talks. Hisham Jaber, from the Beirut-based Center for Middle East ...

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Moscow Out: Poetry and Literature

On RT’s cultural program this week, Martyn Andrews and his crew go in search of venues and locations connected with the impressive list of Russian poets and authors. Libraries, mansions, house museums, restaurants, monuments and book clubs — it’s easy to see the large impact legends such as Pushkin and Tolstoy have had on Russian cultural society. So hardbacks and ...

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