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Nuclear Cover-Up Threatens Great Lakes Region | Counterpunch

A CounterPunch Special Report on NRC Collusion With Utilities to Conceal Grave Safety Problems at Davis Besse and Palisades Reactors by MICHAEL LEONARDI According to recent reports from the nuclear watchdog Beyond Nuclear and several Great Lakes environmental organizations, the NRC is up to its usual practices as an industry captured agency. Collusion and flagrant cover-ups at the Davis Besse ...

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An Audacious Nuclear Hypocrisy | Counterpunch

Bashing Japan and Germany Over Nuclear Exit by LINDA PENTZ GUNTER With audacious hypocrisy, American pro-nuclear pundits have been indulging in the familiar sport of losers – the relentless bashing of the more successful. With nuclear energy rapidly losing favor around the globe, the industry’s boosters have taken to blaming countries that have rejected it for worsening climate change. Top ...

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The Nuclear Industry Has Melted in Japan and France | Counterpunch

by HARVEY WASSERMAN In 1975-6, large, angry crowds I spoke to were already demanding the end of Fukushima and other reactor projects. They warned that all Japanese reactors were vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis, and that disasters on par with what happened at Fukushima were essentially inevitable. Now that it’s happened, the public rage in what has been a traditionally ...

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