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Environmental concern over Sri Lanka nuclear plans

Critics say Sri Lanka lacks the wherewithal to handle ordinary garbage – let alone nuclear waste Environmentalists in Sri Lanka have expressed concern over government plans to build a nuclear power plant by 2025. Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka announced that the government intends to build the plant to fulfil increasing demands for energy. The minister has said the country needs ...

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Germany decides to extend nuclear power – Ecocentric

Every since Chernobyl puffed its radioactive plume over Europe in 1986, Germany has been deeply suspicious of nuclear power. Opposition to Atomkraft is at the center of the country’s green movement, and almost a decade ago the country decided to phase out its nuclear plants by 2021. Yesterday, however, Germany’s coalition government decided to extend the life of the country’s ...

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Iran defiant in nuclear documents – San Jose Mercury News

VIENNA—As Iran and world powers prepare for new nuclear talks, letters from Tehran’s envoys to top international officials suggest little prospect of major progress, with Tehran combative and unlikely to offer any concessions. Two letters, both written late last month and obtained by The Associated Press, reflect Iran’s apparent determination to continue the nuclear activities that have led to new ...

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Monthly Nuclear Calendar from Friends Committee On National Legislation

Nuclear Calendar August 9, 2010 July 31-Sept. 13 House of Representatives August and Rosh Hashanah recess. Aug. 7-Sept. 12 Senate August and Rosh Hashanah recess. Aug. 9 Noon-2:00 p.m., Leonard Spector, Monterey Institute, “Nonproliferation and the Invocation of Military Power.” Monterey Institute, CNS Seminar Room (D-100), 400 Pacific St., Monterey, CA. Aug. 9 Conference on Disarmament, third and last session ...

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Castro: War on Iran ‘imminent’

Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro warned on Monday that a US-Israeli attack on Iran is “imminent” and predicted that this could trigger a global nuclear war. In a special appearance on state-run television for the first time in nearly a year, the Communist leader described US and Israeli sabre-rattling over Iran’s civil nuclear energy programme as “the most serious crisis” on ...

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