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Norman Solomon: The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize | The Huffington Post

By Norman Solomon The Nobel Peace Prize that President Obama received 40 months ago has emerged as the most appalling Orwellian award of this century. No, war is not peace. George Carlin used to riff about oxymorons like “jumbo shrimp,” “genuine imitation,” “political science” and “military intelligence.” But humor is of the gallows sort when we consider the absurdity and ...

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We need to keep shouting | equityandpeace.com

Obama’s call on Israel to end the occupation was strong on rhetoric but light on details about how the peace process might move forward. Obama did send an implicit warning to Israel; while it can bank on America as an ally, Israel will be far less secure, democratic and more isolated, should it fail to achieve peace. The ongoing disunity ...

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An Israeli and a Palestinian make a bold plea to Obama and their leaders by Gadi Kenny and Mahmoud Jabari | Common Ground News Service, Foreign Policy

Vancouver / Burlington, Vermont – This week presents a unique opportunity to advance Arab-Israeli and US-Middle East relations as President Barack Obama makes his first official visit to Israel and Palestine. The two of us writing this article, Mahmoud (21) from Hebron, and Gadi (52) from Tel Aviv, met this year at a conference in early March titled “Struggling with ...

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Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change | Bloomberg

President Barack Obama is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways. The result could be significant delays for natural gas- export facilities, ports for coal sales to Asia, and even new forest roads, industry lobbyists warn. For more on this ...

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‘America Doesn’t Torture’—It Kills | The Nation

Whatever happened to arresting people, extraditing them, giving them lawyers, putting them on trial—all that? Even in the hottest days of the Cold War, when millions believed communism threatened our very existence as a nation, Americans accused of spying for the Soviets had their day in court. No one suggested that President Eisenhower should skip the tiresome procedural stuff and ...

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