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Israel-Palestine peace is top focus in Middle East | Times Leader

In spite of the attention that problems such as chemical weapons and the civil war in Syria command, the main event in the Middle East remains the continuing Israeli-Palestinian talks, which seek a resolution of that fundamental 65-year-old conflict. For more on this story, visit: OTHER OPINION: ISRAELI PEACE TALKS Israel-Palestine peace is top focus in Middle East – Times ...

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Chomsky: Middle East peace talks a complete farce | Salon.com

The Israel-Palestine negotiations currently underway in Jerusalem coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords. A look at the character of the accords and their fate may help explain the prevailing skepticism about the current exercise. In September 1993, President Clinton presided over a handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat on ...

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The American delusion with peace talks | Mondoweiss

Some may accuse us of cynicism for this view, but the truth is, even if Netanyahu was sincere about wanting peace, there is no chance that it can emerge from these talks. Even before they have begun, Israel has made it clear that there are certain doors it will not open. The status of Jerusalem, the Right of Return for ...

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Obama Made Secret Promises to Israel, Palestinians Over Peace Talks | Antiwar.com

President Obama presented “letters of assurance” to the negotiating teams for both Israel and the Palestinian Authority today containing a series of promises with respect to US policy in an attempt to fuel peace talks, according to Israeli officials. Those familiar with the Israeli letter say that it included a pledge that the US would not support the 1967 borders, ...

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Peace Dividend: Why China stands to gain the most from the Middle East talks | By Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy

Remember when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict made front pages every day and the United States fought wars to secure oil and gas in the Middle East? Back then, the region’s political problems were of primary economic importance to Americans. But now, as the prospect of energy independence dawns, to whom does the Middle East really matter? On the surface, it sure ...

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Peace talks to restart as Israel frees 100 Palestinian prisoners | The Australian

HIGH level envoys from the Israeli and Palestinian leaders are set to meet in Washington to restart stalled Middle East peace talks, according to the State Department. The announcement in Washington came shortly after Israel announced plans to release more than a 100 Palestinian prisoners, and represents the first direct dialogue since the peace process fell apart in September 2010. ...

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