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Pentagon Back to Tried and True PR Tactic — Greenwashing | Steve Horn

The Pentagon public relations and propaganda machine is at it again. Working overtime to convince pundits and citizens of the benevolence of its “democracy spreading” missions abroad, some notables have drank the kool-aid. In a recent article titled, “The military’s historic embrace of smart energy,” Grist’s David Roberts wrote: The U.S. military’s embrace of energy efficiency and renewable energy is ...

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David Sirota: Promoting Militarism While Hiding Bloodshed | Truthdig

In a breathless story somehow presented as a groundbreaking revelation, The New York Times recently reported that the Pentagon is—shocker!—using all sorts of media channels to market itself to the nation’s children. Though the Times presents this as a brand-new development, it is nothing of the sort. The armed forces have spent the last three decades carefully constructing a child-focused ...

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‘No Taxation Without Demilitarization’ | Accuracy.Org

John Feffer is a fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies. Today he said: “The United States is facing a huge budget deficit. Many in Congress are calling for deeper cuts in social services. States and cities are being forced to cut back. Ordinary Americans are being asked to tighten their belts. “But one sector is only getting fatter. Congress ...

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