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The Bomb – review | The Guardian

Nicolas Kent bids farewell to the Tricycle with a characteristically grand project: a two-part history of the nuclear bomb consisting of 10 separate plays. Obviously not everything can be included: no room for the 1962 Cuban missile crisis or the extraordinary 1987 Reykjavik summit where Gorbachev proposed a 50% cut in nuclear weapons. But this is still an astonishing achievement ...

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Our revolt is not Obama’s | Ahdaf Soueif, The Guardian

Barack Obama says he wants change in the Arab world yet insults us with the same old bad policies This wasn’t slipping poison into the honey; it was smearing chemical sweeteners on to toxic pellets. Barack Obama listed what he sees as his country’s “core interests” in my country Egypt and my region; his country’s “core principles” governing how it ...

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