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Yeah, but What Does it Cost? | Stanley Heller

So Trump says that while he’s thinking of “severe” punishment for Saudi Arabia he doesn’t want to lose the $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi princes and the “500,000 jobs” it would create in the U.S. The New York Times looked into his claim and noted that Trump’s own Pentagon says the amount of new signed orders with Saudi ...

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Deteriorating situation in Darfur could undermine peace process, warns joint UN-African envoy | United Nations News Centre

The head of the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping mission in Darfur has warned that the deteriorating security situation in the region could undermine the peace process and development programmes. In his remarks to a meeting in Qatar on Monday on the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), Mohamed Ibn Chambas told parties that progress on ...

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Karzai Pulls Out of Afghan Peace Talks | Jason Ditz, news editor Antiwar.com

Just one day after the Taliban opened an office in Qatar and announced what was being called a very promising tripartite negotiation with the US and the Karzai government, Karzai has angrily announced his withdrawal from the talks, while condemning them entirely. The latest row reportedly centers on the Taliban’s office, and Karzai’s objection to the Taliban calling it a ...

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Afghan president visits Qatar to discuss peace process, no meeting with Taliban | The Washington Post

Afghanistan’s president landed in Qatar Sunday to discuss his country’s stalled peace process and the possible opening of a Taliban office in the Gulf state, officials said. Foreign Ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai said President Hamid Karzai will not hold any talks with Taliban representatives now in Qatar. For more on this story, visit: Afghan president visits Qatar to discuss peace ...

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Qatar conference aims to raise billions for Darfur | Aljazeera

The Qatar conference, starting on Sunday, aims to raise billions of dollars to rebuild the region, devastated by 10-year of conflict – but money alone is not enough to restore peace and stability. The Liberation and Justice Movement is an umbrella organisation of minor rebel factions whose members signed a peace agreement with the Sudanese government in Doha in 2011. ...

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Climate talks resume amid warnings of looming calamity | ReliefWeb

PARIS, Nov 24, 2012 (AFP) – Nearly  200 nations gather in Doha from Monday for a new round of climate talks as a rush of reports warn extreme weather events like superstorm Sandy may become commonplace if mitigation efforts fail. Negotiators will converge in the Qatari capital for two weeks under the UN banner to review commitments to cutting climate-altering ...

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