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The Goldstone Affair | The Nation

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of the article below appeared in the May 2 print issue of The Nation. Subscribers can download the PDF. The report has survived more than eighteen months of assassination attempts, and it may weather the latest ones too. But if the attacks succeed, it will be a disaster for the principle of accountability in Israel ...

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STANLEY HELLER: Palestinians’ personal stories contradict Goldstone reversal? | The New Haven Register

… How can Goldstone be so trusting of Israeli investigations? He must know the Israeli military has a long record of investigations of killings of Palestinians that minimize soldiers’ responsibility and mete out little or no punishment. … Goldstone castigates Hamas for making no effort to investigate its indiscriminate rocket fire, which killed three civilians. He is right. Yet to ...

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Uri Avnery: Judge Goldstone Revisited | CounterPunch

There is something tragicomic about the persona of Richard Goldstone. First there was a veritable storm of fury when the original Goldstone report was issued. What a fiend! A Jew who claims to be a Zionist and an Israel-lover, who publishes the most abominable slanders about against our valiant soldiers, aiding and abetting the worst anti-Semites around the world! The ...

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