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Obama vs. Romney: Unknowable Foreign-Policy Differences | Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Without a crystal ball … it seems very difficult to tell exactly how they’d be different — or which future would be better. Here’s why: They’ve both shown a capacity to directly and unapologetically contradict their previous rhetoric with their actions. Would President Obama be more or less willing than President Romney to wage war on Iran without congressional approval? ...

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The Drone Secrecy Farce | By Scott Horton, Harper’s Magazine

Following Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech at Northwestern, publications including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times responded with renewed demands for the release of the Department of Justice memorandum (or “OLC Memo”), written by Martin Lederman and David Barron, that provides the legal framework for targeted killings. The Obama Administration came to power promising ...

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Case Western Breakdown: Why I’m through with sitting down at academic conferences with military scholars who won’t go on the record | Counterpunch

During the last decade I have withdrawn from invitations at several universities where I would have had opportunities to talk with or debate military and intelligence personnel, but the presence of non-attribution policies such as the Chatham House Rule governing interactions prevented my participation. These non-attribution policies are generally pitched as providing increased “freedom of exchange,” but functionally they provide ...

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New Edition of Richelson’s “U.S. Intelligence Community” | Secrecy News

A new edition of Jeffrey Richelson’s encyclopedic work on “The U.S. Intelligence Community” (Westview Press, July 2011) has just been published. The book provides a uniquely synoptic view of the structure and functions of the massive U.S. intelligence bureaucracy. Descriptive rather than prescriptive, the book serves best as a guide to some of the more obscure details of intelligence organizations, ...

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