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Building Sustainability in an Urbanizing World : A Partnership Report | ReliefWeb

Cities are hubs of global change, and their global influence continues to grow. Cities contribute significantly to global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss. At the same time, cities experience impacts like climate change first and with greatest intensity. Further, cities are becoming leaders worldwide in efforts to address global environmental and social problems. Some of the most important ...

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Development must be less about growth, more about wellbeing | guardian.co.uk

People and their well being need to be at the centre of development, with less emphasis on economic growth, according to a new report, but this requires philanthropic and development organizations to challenge current thinking. “Development is political,” said the final report of the Bellagio Initiative, a six-month exploration into the future of philanthropy and international development. “Not everyone can ...

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New Rankings on Environmental Performance from the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy | YCELP

Since 2000, Yale University and Columbia University have been ranking countries’ environmental performance, releasing their comprehensive results and trend reports every two years. Responding to the need for “rigorous, data-driven” measurements, the index is meant to “add to the foundation of empirical support for sound policymaking.” The universities, which have collaborated with the World Economic Forum, also wanted to create an independent report that could ...

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New generation of social entrepreneurs put skills to transforming Asia | guardian.co.uk

Social enterpreneurship grows in area where neither innovation nor social and environmental problems are in short supply by Sunshine Lichauco de Leon A taxi driver in the Philippines can now refit his motorcycle, or “tricycle”, with a cleaner engine, saving him money on fuel and reducing air pollution. A waste-picker in Bangladesh now has regular pay and health coverage for ...

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