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#CongressOccupied Protesters Reject Taiwanese President’s Proposed Solution | Global Voices

Protesters occupying Taiwan’s legislature rejected a proposal put forward by President Ma Ying-jeou and his cabinet on April 3 that would “monitor” future trade agreements with China. Members of the #CongressOccupied movement called the plan “empty, insincere and deceptive” as it gives neither room for citizen participation nor power to the Legislative Yuan to participate in the negotiation process or amend the ...

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Nuclear Opponents in Taiwan Work to Change ‘Unfair’ Referendum Law | Global Voices

Lawmakers exchanged punches in Taiwan’s parliament on August 2, 2013 ahead of a vote on whether or not to hold a referendum on the island’s controversial fourth nuclear plant. The plant, which has been under construction for more than a decade, is a divisive issue for Taiwan and has been met with large-scale protests because of safety concerns. The next round of debate regarding ...

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Taiwan’s Nuclear-free New Year’s Wish | Global Voices

Every year, Taiwanese gather around Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan to see fireworks and celebrate the coming of the new year. This year, the celebration was very special as popular singers, environmental and youth activists worked together to present a nuclear-free homeland as Taiwanese people’s common wish [zh] for 2013. Singers performed in new year’s eve parties and ...

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Taiwan presses ahead with home-built nuclear power plant despite safety fears | Guardian Weekly

Even the head of the safety department at Taiwan’s Atomic Energy Council, has doubts about the country’s fourth nuclear plant, suggesting it no longer enjoys much support. But since the presidential election on 14 January, plans to finish Nuclear Power Plant Four are back on the agenda. The victorious Kuomintang party has committed itself to bringing the facility online by ...

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