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CIA Rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline | Stanley Heller, Peacenews.org

By Stanley Heller CIA?  The Cowboy and Indian Alliance, of course.  For a week in April they occupied a portion of the National Mall in DC, obvious with tipis and tents and horses.  They allied to demonstrate against the Keystone XL (Climate Killing) Pipeline.  By Saturday, April 26, they and their supporters amounted to several thousand people.  During the week they hand ...

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Indigenous Lawsuits Could Paralyze the Tar Sands | VICE Canada

Whether it calls the program “responsible resource development” or strives to become an “energy superpower,” Canada is digging up vast swathes of the earth and selling them as quickly as possible at the expense of the environment and aboriginal rights. In many of the treaty territories and unsurrendered First Nations across Canada, the constitutionally protected rights of indigenous people—including the ...

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Climate activists to fossil fuel industry: ‘If you build it, we will come’ | Waging Nonviolence


The challenge is not new; these same communities have long been fighting the adverse health impacts, particularly poor air quality, imposed by the oil industry’s influence in the region. Historically, however, the national climate justice movement has largely marginalized these types of voices — a legacy that this camp sought to change through panels exploring the intersectionality of frontline communities, ...

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Dangers On A Train: Top Canadian Official Disputes State Department’s Keystone Claims | ThinkProgress

The State Departments draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Keystone XL pipeline is centered on the assumption that there will be an increase in tar sands oil production with or without the pipeline. On that basis, it concludes Keystone will have no impact on carbon pollution or climate change. Reuters debunked the State Department’s notion that without Keystone, ...

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‘Smoking Gun’: Tar Sands Report Eviscerates Industry Claims | Common Dreams

Research shows toxic contamination caused by mining ‘world’s dirtiest oil’ worse than previously thought – Beth Brogan, staff writer As climate justice campaigners in the US ramp up their efforts to block the Keystone XL pipeline and First Nation activists foment a global ‘Earth-centered’ movement in Canada, scientists say a new study “conclusively” proves that tar sands oil is both ...

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