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Iran hails ‘softer’ and ‘smarter’ approach to its nuclear program | CSMonitor.com

Talks on Iran’s nuclear program made unexpected progress in Kazakhstan, reaching what Iran called a potential “turning point” to limit its most sensitive nuclear work in exchange for modest sanctions relief. Tehran reacted positively to a revised proposal that eases demands from six world powers on Iran’s 20-percent uranium enrichment and its deeply buried Fordow facility. For more on this story, visit: ...

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U.S. fails to block Iran’s oil exports: report | Tehran Times, others

BEIJING: The U.S. decision to exempt China from its unilateral sanctions over imports of Iranian oil reflected U.S. failure to achieve its goal of blocking Iran’s oil exports , a state-run Chinese daily said , playing down Beijing’s move to reduce oil imports from the Islamic Republic. The U.S. “decision has helped avoid direct diplomatic conflict and possible trade war ...

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‘Islamic Awakening’: Morsi’s Egypt turns to Iran — report | RT

Newly-elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will rekindle dormant ties between Egypt and Iran and re-consider his country’s peace accord with Israel, according to a controversial interview with an Iranian news agency. Tehran’s Fars news agency distributed a set of quotes from an interview taken hours before Morsi was proclaimed victor in the presidential poll after a prolonged vote count. The ...

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Iran was behind bomb plot against Israeli diplomats, investigators find | guardian.co.uk

Western intelligence fears price of failure for Moscow talks on Tehran’s nuclear programme could be high by Jason Burke in Delhi A multinational investigation into bomb plots targeting Israeli diplomats earlier this year has produced the clearest evidence yet that Iran was involved, illustrating the risks to the west if it fails to reach detente with Tehran over its nuclear ...

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May 23: The IAEA and Parchin: do the claims add up? | www.sipri.org via antiwar.com

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has an extremely difficult time in evaluating alleged nuclear weapons studies in Iran. While it has done an excellent job in verifying the nuclear material production activities in Iran’s uranium enrichment plants, the IAEA also appears to be willing to risk its technical credibility by insisting on visiting a military site called Parchin, near ...

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The Left and the People: Extending Hamid Dabashi’s Critique | Vijay Prashad in www.jadaliyya.com

One of Hamid Dabashi’s most acidic critiques of Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran is that she indulged in the “systematic denigration of an entire culture of revolutionary resistance.” A simple index for the Left is to protect itself from this kind of amnesia. The Syrian people threw off the violent regime of imperial France in their Great Revolt from ...

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