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Tony Blair walks away laughing from Iraq inquiry says mother of dead UK soldier | Stop the War Coalition

Petitioning parliament: Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed in Iraq in 2004, and Reg Keys, whose son Tom was killed in Iraq in 2003.

After intense negotiations, Sir John Chilcot, who has been leading the inquiry since 2009, has agreed with the Cabinet Office that the gist of the conversation can be made public, but direct quotations from the notes will be kept to "a minimum necessary for the inquiry to articulate its conclusions." He has also agreed that use of material from the letters "should not reflect President Bush's views."

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Pakistan boasted of nuclear strike on India within eight seconds | guardian.co.uk

Alastair Campbell’s diaries recount warning by army general at height of military standoff between India and Pakistan by Nicholas Watt Pakistan could launch a nuclear strike on India within eight seconds, claimed an army general in Islamabad whose warning is described in the latest volume of Alastair Campbell’s diaries. The general asked Tony Blair’s former communications director to remind India ...

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Tony Blair: Why Inter-Faith Understanding Is More Important Than Ever in Leadership | The Huffington Post

The Alpha Leadership conference taking place today in London is a reminder that despite all the negative news about religion, a different face of faith is visible and real the world over. The Alpha course on leadership, which was begun under Nicky Gumbel of the Holy Trinity Church in London, has been taken by 18 million people world-wide and is ...

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Israel unfreezes Palestinian Authority tax millions | guardian.co.uk

Israel is to release millions of dollars in Palestinian tax revenues it had frozen as a punitive sanction for the past month, a move that threatened the Palestinian Authority’s ability to pay public sector salaries this week. Despite the vigorous opposition of hardline foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s inner cabinet agreed to pay the $100m (£63.56m) due for November, plus ...

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Bush, Blair Guilty in Malaysia ‘War Crimes Trial’ | RSN

Former US president George W. Bush and British ex-prime minister Tony Blair were Tuesday found guilty at a mock tribunal in Malaysia for committing “crimes against peace” during the Iraq war. The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, part of an initiative by former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad – a fierce critic of the Iraq war – found the former leaders ...

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PM, Blair meet as peace process returns to int’l agenda | The Jerusalem Post

Following a more than weeklong hiatus in international involvement in the diplomatic process because of the Christmas and New Year holidays, diplomatic activity began anew on Tuesday with a meeting in Jerusalem between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Quartet envoy Tony Blair. The EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, meanwhile, is expected to arrive on Wednesday for meetings in Jerusalem ...

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Iraq war logs: An introduction

The invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq has been one of the most bloodily divisive international conflicts of the past decade. The reputations of George W Bush and Tony Blair, are stained, perhaps indelibly, by it. Today’s gigantic leak from that long-running battleground, of 391,832 previously secret US military field reports, details the unvarnished and often unknown realities of the ...

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