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Britain, U.S. to offer Assad clemency if he joins peace talks | guardian.co.uk

Britain and America are willing to offer the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, safe passage – and even clemency – as part of a diplomatic push to convene a UN-sponsored conference in Geneva on political transition in Syria. The initiative comes after David Cameron and Barack Obama received encouragement from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in separate bilateral talks at the G20 ...

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The Syrian Stalemate | Counterpunch

China and Russia Try to Draw the Line on Saudi Hegemony in Syria by PETER LEE Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao had an interesting question to discuss during their summit in Beijing. Is it good business and good geopolitics to acquiesce to a Sunni Arab triumph in Syria? Or is Syria the place to hold the line against a destabilizing ...

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Election 2012: Russia votes, Putin wins

Preliminary results show Vladimir Putin securing 63.18 per cent of votes in Russia’s presidential election, with his closest rival Gennady Zyuganov taking 17.33 per cent. So far, the Central Election Commission has counted some 25 per cent of the ballots. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Mikhail Prokhorov are waging a real political battle for third place, with both winning the support of ...

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