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Sudan-South border fighting rages on | Daily Times

BENTIU: Fierce fighting raged on Wednesday as Sudanese warplanes bombed contested regions on the border with South Sudan, the second day of violence in the oil-rich region. South Sudanese troops held positions in the disputed Heglig oil field, seized on Tuesday from Khartoum’s troops, said Mac Paul, deputy director of South Sudan’s military intelligence. For more on this story, visit: ...

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R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name

As the world recovers from one humanitarian peace bombing in Libya, and braces for another possible intervention in Syria, many are now asking how it is that the so-called liberal left have become cheerleaders for the very wars of aggression they once pretended to deride. As long-time investigate reporter Pepe Escobar explains, an obscure international doctrine called Responsibility To Protect ...

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Get Ready for War with Iran | OtherWords

It seems increasingly likely that the United States will attack Iran. The pretext will be that country’s alleged nuclear threat to Western civilization. Doesn’t that sound familiar? We followed the same script in Iraq a decade ago. Of course it’s a lie this time, just as before. But once the war starts, the policy will just be about supporting our ...

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