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Millions March Against the Hatred Agenda

The Washington Post was the first to say that millions marched on Jan. 21 to reject the agenda of hatred towards women, immigrants, Muslims and science.  There were actions on seven continents, yes, even in Antarctica.  Several hundred brave people gathered in protest in Moscow and in Myrammar where marches are forbidden they had a solidarity picnic! Here’s a two ...

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Why there is no peace time for women | CNN.com

Widney Brown is senior director for international law and policy at Amnesty International. She will attend the diplomatic conference on the arms trade treaty taking place in New York in March. Women the world over need to know that governments will not put profits before human security by allowing weapons to get into the hands of those who would use ...

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NATO, Amnesty and maternal mortality in Afghanistan | Stop the War Coalition, Sydney

By Tim Anderson Amnesty International muddied the waters over the occupation of Afghanistan with its campaign this spring urging NATO to “keep the progress going” on women’s rights. The campaign was aimed at a NATO summit in Chicago and drew on one of the few remaining arguments for continued military occupation of that war-ravaged country. The idea that a military ...

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Egyptian women protest in Cairo against brutal treatment | The Guardian

Hundreds of women have taken to the streets of Cairo to protest against military rule and the brutal treatment of female protesters by Egypt’s security services. The women rallied outside a government office complex in Tahrir Square, the scene of violent clashes earlier on Tuesday in which at least four demonstrators were shot dead by military police. Dozens of men ...

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Nobel peace prize: arms and the woman | The Guardian

The pursuit of equal rights for women has been broadened in recent years with the growing recognition that the empowerment of women plays a vital role in the restoration of peace in societies divided by conflict and war. This is not a simplistic matter of men making war and women making peace, of one sex’s aggressive drives being moderated by ...

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Can the spread of women’s rights ever be accompanied by war? | Madeleine Bunting, The Guardian

On Monday Oxfam brings out a report urging the international community not to trade in women’s rights in a peace settlement with the Taliban. It calls for a longterm commitment to support women. I admire and understand the sincerity of their intentions but question whether women’s rights should be an obstacle in the process of a settlement. And I’m sceptical ...

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